Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to think your self thin

I am reading this really good book on well, how to think yourself thin. As we have begun our journey of health, slimness, and strength this book and the material seem very well timed.
Let me begin with the idea that we have made the body that we have. I know that this is a hard one for most of us to accept but accept this idea, we must. Oops, I think I channeled Master Yoda for a second. :^) Anyway, this is actually a very good thing to understand. If we made this body, we can make another one. With Stephanie we are using the image of the body as a temple. You and I have the opportunity to make a major remodel of our temple. And no one else can do it but you. We know we have the tools to do this we just need to direct them in the direction that we want to use them. Our major tools are our imagination and our ability to think something different.

So let's start right now to imagine this wonderful new construction. But first we need to look at what we have made and give the respect to this temple that it deserves. We constructed this wonderful temple and it has served us very well so far. Take some time right now to determine how this body has been there for you. Look in a mirror when you are finished reading this and give a giant dose of gratitude to this wonderful temple. Give thanks for each organ, each muscle, each cell in our body. Give thanks for each curve that you have. I can hear the "She must be kidding" that you are giving out right now. But believe me, gratitude is the key to a new and stable beginning.

When the kids were small we used to play a game when we had down time when we were waiting at the doctors office or somewhere like that. I would have paper and pencil and make random curves and marks on the paper. Then I would give it to one of the kids and they would find a way to make the random marks on the page into a great picture of some kind. I would like you to make a game out of those wonderful, beautiful curves and random bumps that you may see. See them as reminders of the wonderful trip you will take to the mountains when you are healthy, slim and strong. Or perhaps they can be a reminder of a snake that in Universal Language of Mind is a type of creative energy. The real key here is to come to a place that you can love the body that you have. Don't think that by doing this you will not be able to change. You absolutely will. You will change the self talk that you have had about your body from one of avoidance, disgust, and distrust to one of love, finding the beautiful and wanting to keep track and remember this creation of yours. I love my bedspread and it reminds me of when I bought it as a preparation for my 25th anniversary celebration. But, it is getting a bit worn and I want something new and fresh in it's place. So lets remember the past but don't get stuck in it. We are changing our minds every day, let's make it a priority to change our thoughts about our body.

Having said all the above. For today, after you can give appreciation for the body that you have (remember to laugh with it while doing this exercise. Keep smiling and keep it light), every time you pass a mirror of see your reflection in glass, give yourself a loving smile and see yourself just a bit slimmer than you thought you were. This is good for today.

I will continue with this thread of consciousness tomorrow. I love you all and am happy that you are on the journey with me. Oh, the book. How To Think Yourself Thin by Debbie Johnson. You can get this book at If you will wait just a bit until I get a link up to it on my blog, I would appreciate it. If you click through that if you buy it, I get a small commission. Win Win.
If it is not on the blog when you read this, it will be soon. :^)


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  2. Great post with lots to think about. I especially like the concept of gratitude for all parts of your body. We can best show gratitude by doing what's best for our bodies.

    You are the spirit guide for your body. It totally believes in you and try its best to do what you tell it to do. (even though it may complain about it) Be a good spirit guide and lead your body to a better living and a better life.

  3. I definitely think that Gratitude is a powerful thing! It is my great intention to reinforce Gratitude in every second of my life!
    I know that I am responsible for what I have, though, you brought some concept that I did not think about in the way you express it... to look what I created with respect... interesting statement... I will look at my body with respect and start being Grateful from my heart about it! Thank you! : )-Agnes