Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to take a close look at YOU!

Yes, it is that time. Time to look at the person you are. Time to be honest with who you are and what you really are capable of.
That being said I want you to know that you are AMAZING! I mean that, really and truly amazing. You are funny, smart, driven and creation (dare I say, child) of "THE" CREATOR! You have access to all the knowledge of the universe and can be, do and have ANYTHING that you want!
OK, you are not always aware of this awesomeness that you have, but trust me, you are that and so much more. Sometimes you lose sight of the fact that you create your life each and every day, but yes, that would be you .
So send up a shout of gratitude for this amazing body that you have and know that you are the only one even remotely equipped to make the changes that you want. When you see it, it will be. So reacquaint yourself with that wild and wonderful you and lets make today a new day of possibility. You are loved and admired by many more people than you know.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit more on visualization

Hello readers!
I want to add just a bit more about visualization. A very important feature of powerful visualizations if the idea of moving from a "me" concept to a "we" concept. It is very powerful to find your personal benefit but to find a benefit that will aid others as well turns thoughts into something bigger and better, more enlightened if you will. So as you are looking into why you want something and visualizing it, be sure to look into what you can give to others as a result of your new transformed body.
For instance, if you are now able to move with a fluidity and freedom that you never had before because you are a new and improved body, you will be able to interact more fully with your friends and family. Think of what that will mean to them to be able to interact with you on a new level .You will be able to take walks with more power and entrance. You will be able to get around the world we live in without making as much of an impact on the people you are with. Maybe taking up less space on the flight to England that you will be taking as a result of this new way of looking at life, yourself and others. That would be outstanding and very appreciated by the person in the seat next to you. :^)
We are here to serve so when you are able to see the bigger picture of how your intention will aid you and others, it has more important to you and makes your thinking much more inclusive and loving. And couldn't we all you a lot more loving?!?
Very soon I will be posting a video with some breathing exercises that we all can use to jump start our metabolism when we eat. I will also be adding some tips that you can use for food control . You may know some of them, but surely there will be some new and exciting things for you to consider. I want to encourage you all to add tips of your own. That's it for now. Will write more often.
To your health, strength and wonderfully beautiful body.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The art of visualization must be an integral part of any successful weight loss program. This is likely the main reason that people cannot keep the weight off, or put it on if they are in need on weight increase. If the mind is not involved it will be almost impossible to achieve your goal and equally as hard to maintain. If it can be done at all, it is very mentally draining as it will take a tremendous amount of will power to continue on.

Will power is well and good but for me and my house, we would rather it be easy and if possible, fun would be great! And I would like you to know that no matter what you success or failure has been in the past, this is a new day and a new direction. So lets talk about visualization.

Visualization has not really come into it's power at this time. People try it, or a version of it and if it doesn't melt the pounds off within the next day or two they write visualization off as airy fairy and continue on with bull headed will power. Or, they may just give up, as has been the pattern in the past. We live in an age of instant gratification and have been programmed over the years to have a short attention span. But for the sake of transformation of both body and spirit, let's use visualization to create something new.

The first thing I want you to do is to become completely relaxed. You should sit in a comfortable chair and using your breath relax your body. When you breath in, do so through your nose to the count of 6. Then hold the breath for a count of 3 paying attention to where in your body you are holding any stress. Now let go of the breath to a count of 6 relaxing your entire body. Know that some of the most notable places for holding stress are in the shoulders, back, neck and jaw. There are many other places, both externally and internally. Take time to find your stress points and breath out as you cause them to relax and let go. Do this several times, 6 to 10 would be fine, relaxing more and more each time.

Now think back to a very happy time in your life. Can you think of a time that you were really happy, a time when you received a promotion, a time when you had a really wonderful time with your family, a time you had truly great and inspiring sex perhaps? What ever it is, take a few minutes to really go back to that time in your imagination. What did the area look like, what smells can you identify, what was the weather or room temperature like, what did it feel like, sound, smell, taste and look like. Really get into this and when you feel that you are really there, use the feeling that you have brought out of your imagination to do the following.

Now imagine your desired body image. Really look at it, feel it, smell it, taste it (well, maybe not taste it, that would be just plain strange and socially unacceptable :^)) and listen to what may be going on around you. As you do this exercise, it is best if you can put yourself into the image so that you are seeing things from the perspective of being in this wonderful body that you have created. Look down at your hands and feel what the hands feel.Walk around and feel what it feels like to walk in the new body. Be in it, not looking at what you have accomplished as though it were a movie. Feel gratitude for this outcome in your temple. Use these same sensations/feelings that you had when you pictured the truly happy time in your life in the preceding paragraph. As you may have guessed the feeling is very important in the manifestation of the image that you desire, and this is true for any area of your life that you want a change in. Try to do this at least once a day for 5 to 15 minutes.

For a writing exercise please take some time and write your desired body outcome on paper. You can see this image anywhere that it would please you to see it. Are you at a reunion, or possible dancing with a significant other, or maybe you are taking a hot soak in the tub and are feeling how nice it is to have so much of you immersed in the water? A little bit of my personal history shining through :^). Listen to the sounds around you and write them down. Feel how your clothes fit on you are you move around the space, or in the case of a swimsuit how you notice the comfort of clothing not being on you and how good it makes you feel to be in that situation with pleasure. And for those of you who are already there in your minds, think about how much more comfortable you are while making love to your significant other, how much more comfortable it is and how you may move differently. Just write down all of the ways that your senses will be involved in this picture. Research tells us that people who write down goals and ideas are almost 100 times more likely to achieve them than people who just think about them. You might want to write something on an index card that you can carry around with you to remind you of why you are not getting that moccachino with whipped cream, or anything that that is not what you need at a weak moment. Remember, this is not about deprivation but opportunity. I will expand on this picture on the next posting.

Be sure to post any successes and even hardships that you may be facing. And remember to call each other and see how things are going. It is a much easier road when you are accountable to someone and you have encouragement toward that end. On that note, I will confess that I have not exercised in 2 days. But due to the confession, I am inspired to do it today. So, once I am off the computer, exercise is a priority. It is done and so it is. And by the way, if you come to the end of the day and have not done your exercises, just do something, be it some stretching or intentional walking around your house, let's commit to do something toward our goal of body movement.

Bill is looking into the link for ordering the book today. If it does not come today, feel free to just order the book without the site on your own. I think this is about it for now. More coming soon. I look forward to seeing some of your comments and thoughts.

To a slimmer, stronger, more movable and happier temple!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to think your self thin

I am reading this really good book on well, how to think yourself thin. As we have begun our journey of health, slimness, and strength this book and the material seem very well timed.
Let me begin with the idea that we have made the body that we have. I know that this is a hard one for most of us to accept but accept this idea, we must. Oops, I think I channeled Master Yoda for a second. :^) Anyway, this is actually a very good thing to understand. If we made this body, we can make another one. With Stephanie we are using the image of the body as a temple. You and I have the opportunity to make a major remodel of our temple. And no one else can do it but you. We know we have the tools to do this we just need to direct them in the direction that we want to use them. Our major tools are our imagination and our ability to think something different.

So let's start right now to imagine this wonderful new construction. But first we need to look at what we have made and give the respect to this temple that it deserves. We constructed this wonderful temple and it has served us very well so far. Take some time right now to determine how this body has been there for you. Look in a mirror when you are finished reading this and give a giant dose of gratitude to this wonderful temple. Give thanks for each organ, each muscle, each cell in our body. Give thanks for each curve that you have. I can hear the "She must be kidding" that you are giving out right now. But believe me, gratitude is the key to a new and stable beginning.

When the kids were small we used to play a game when we had down time when we were waiting at the doctors office or somewhere like that. I would have paper and pencil and make random curves and marks on the paper. Then I would give it to one of the kids and they would find a way to make the random marks on the page into a great picture of some kind. I would like you to make a game out of those wonderful, beautiful curves and random bumps that you may see. See them as reminders of the wonderful trip you will take to the mountains when you are healthy, slim and strong. Or perhaps they can be a reminder of a snake that in Universal Language of Mind is a type of creative energy. The real key here is to come to a place that you can love the body that you have. Don't think that by doing this you will not be able to change. You absolutely will. You will change the self talk that you have had about your body from one of avoidance, disgust, and distrust to one of love, finding the beautiful and wanting to keep track and remember this creation of yours. I love my bedspread and it reminds me of when I bought it as a preparation for my 25th anniversary celebration. But, it is getting a bit worn and I want something new and fresh in it's place. So lets remember the past but don't get stuck in it. We are changing our minds every day, let's make it a priority to change our thoughts about our body.

Having said all the above. For today, after you can give appreciation for the body that you have (remember to laugh with it while doing this exercise. Keep smiling and keep it light), every time you pass a mirror of see your reflection in glass, give yourself a loving smile and see yourself just a bit slimmer than you thought you were. This is good for today.

I will continue with this thread of consciousness tomorrow. I love you all and am happy that you are on the journey with me. Oh, the book. How To Think Yourself Thin by Debbie Johnson. You can get this book at Half.com. If you will wait just a bit until I get a link up to it on my blog, I would appreciate it. If you click through that if you buy it, I get a small commission. Win Win.
If it is not on the blog when you read this, it will be soon. :^)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.