Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to take a close look at YOU!

Yes, it is that time. Time to look at the person you are. Time to be honest with who you are and what you really are capable of.
That being said I want you to know that you are AMAZING! I mean that, really and truly amazing. You are funny, smart, driven and creation (dare I say, child) of "THE" CREATOR! You have access to all the knowledge of the universe and can be, do and have ANYTHING that you want!
OK, you are not always aware of this awesomeness that you have, but trust me, you are that and so much more. Sometimes you lose sight of the fact that you create your life each and every day, but yes, that would be you .
So send up a shout of gratitude for this amazing body that you have and know that you are the only one even remotely equipped to make the changes that you want. When you see it, it will be. So reacquaint yourself with that wild and wonderful you and lets make today a new day of possibility. You are loved and admired by many more people than you know.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit more on visualization

Hello readers!
I want to add just a bit more about visualization. A very important feature of powerful visualizations if the idea of moving from a "me" concept to a "we" concept. It is very powerful to find your personal benefit but to find a benefit that will aid others as well turns thoughts into something bigger and better, more enlightened if you will. So as you are looking into why you want something and visualizing it, be sure to look into what you can give to others as a result of your new transformed body.
For instance, if you are now able to move with a fluidity and freedom that you never had before because you are a new and improved body, you will be able to interact more fully with your friends and family. Think of what that will mean to them to be able to interact with you on a new level .You will be able to take walks with more power and entrance. You will be able to get around the world we live in without making as much of an impact on the people you are with. Maybe taking up less space on the flight to England that you will be taking as a result of this new way of looking at life, yourself and others. That would be outstanding and very appreciated by the person in the seat next to you. :^)
We are here to serve so when you are able to see the bigger picture of how your intention will aid you and others, it has more important to you and makes your thinking much more inclusive and loving. And couldn't we all you a lot more loving?!?
Very soon I will be posting a video with some breathing exercises that we all can use to jump start our metabolism when we eat. I will also be adding some tips that you can use for food control . You may know some of them, but surely there will be some new and exciting things for you to consider. I want to encourage you all to add tips of your own. That's it for now. Will write more often.
To your health, strength and wonderfully beautiful body.